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Psalm One - Paperback

When we apply the wisdom and ways of God, it is impossible to not prosper and succeed. For if we didn’t, He would be a liar and a covenant breaker.

In Psalm One – 5 Steps to True Success, we take a look at 5 simple principles found in the first 3 verses.




The Bible contains many accounts of God blessing his people and those that would call on him to deliver them and lead them.

The first thing God did after creating Adam was to bless him. He spoke the exact same blessing over Noah as he came out of the Ark following the Flood. Abraham became the father of nations through God's blessing, and that blessing flowed down the lineage of history just as God promised. Isaac walked in this blessing and received 100 fold during a period of famine that left others fleeing to Egypt. Isaacs children fought for this blessing and Esau was left distraught saying 'Bless me also, father' after Jacob had received it.

This blessing flowed through the seed of Abraham just as God had promised and continued even to the saving of Egypt and Israel through Joseph. Kings tried to stop Israel, but the blessing was so strong that even prophets-for-hire were not able to go against the blessing. Nehemiah, Ruth, Esther, and many others experienced the blessing and the way it would open doors in Governments and provide opportunities. David spoke of the blessing and received an abundance, as did his son Solomon. Elijah walked in the blessing so much, that his apprentice Elisha asked for a ‘double blessing’ as it was so obvious and heavy on him. And Elisha got it…

The first teachings that we read from Jesus's earthly ministry begin with the words 'Blessed' and he speaks 9 of these blessings in the first 11 verses of Matthew 5.

The blessing is something that has been the topic of the Christian Church throughout the centuries and is something that has united people and at the same time divided denominations. But the fact is that the Bible is full and overflowing with words of blessing and instructions on walking in this blessing.

God has not changed and his blessings are the same today, just as they were for Abraham 4 thousand years ago.

In the first 3 verses of Psalm 1, we see a short description of a man that is walking in the abundant and overflowing blessing from God. Blessed is the man that...

Throughout this book, we explore the key characteristics of this man in Psalm 1 and get a glimpse into the way to live in order to see this blessing working in our lives. The blessing is partly due to God's unfailing love and promise, but it's also partly due to us walking in the ways of truth and righteousness.

This is not about sin, works, or justification, but rather a simple understanding of sowing and reaping. All of our actions carry a result whether good or bad and by looking at God's word, we are able to see the path that he has given us to walk in. Obedience to his diving plan is the key to receive the blessings that follow the man who walks in his ways.

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