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The Gift of Healing

Nov 8, 2021

Daily Seed Episode #29

Are you walking in Divine Health?
If not, why not?

Many Christians believe that they haven't received healing because God has not given them that gift. Worse, many are sick because they believe that God actually made them sick!

In todays teaching, we want to explain how EVERY Christian should be walking in Divine Health, and the gift of healing is for a sign to non-believers. We should not need healing as a gift administered by another Christian any more than we need another Christian to pray to God for us. We have direct access through Jesus to the Father, and this same direct access is where our healing comes from.

Not only should we ALL have divine health as Christians, but we should ALL be expecting God to minister this gift of healing through us in order to touch the lives of those around us. Let's face it, we ALL know someone that is sick and dying, in need of the healing touch that only our Saviour can give.

Yes Healing is a Gift, but this Gift is AVAILABLE TO ALL  - Mark 16:17-18
Covet it!

Join Daniel today for this great teaching that will build your faith.

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